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EBEN Workshop

There are several mechanisms that enforce companies to refrain from unethical behaviour: 1) market competition, 2) state regulation, 3) self-regulation by a voluntary association of participants within the same profession or market who sets the ethical rules of conduct and punishes violators. Self-regulation can lead to more effective results when government regulation is lagging behind or fails to solve the problem. However, what are the conditions for effective self-regulation mechanism? We would like to develop a comprehensive theory of self-regulation of market ethics and develop its application to various industries in different countries.

Relevant topics to focus on:

  • Factors of effectiveness of self-regulation
  • Code of conduct for industrial or professional association
  • Monitoring system of compliance with the code
  • Punishment system for violators of the code
  • Platforms for collecting company reviews
  • Certification and licensing systems
  • Rating systems of ethical behavior
  • Corporate compliance systems and their certification
  • Co-regulation as combination of state regulation and self-regulation
  • Self-regulation in various industries


  • Self-Regulation of Market Ethics: Theoretical Framework
    Maxim Storchevoy, HSE University
  • Code of Conducts for Financial Markets: Comparative Analysis
    Irina Katysheva, Bank of Russia
  • Self-Regulation in Banking Industry: Mission is Impossible?
    Viktor Krakovich, HSE University
  • Self-Regulation in Debt Collection: History of Success
    Anna Kutuzova, HSE University
  • Discussion of an application for Special Issue of JBE or BEER

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